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Job - NA
The question, "Why do innocent people suffer?" is addressed in the story of Job.
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Psalms - NA
These 150 prayers and hymns were used by the Hebrew people to express their relationship with God. They cover the whole range of human emotions from joy to anger, from hope to despair.
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Proverbs - NA
This is a book of wise sayings and ethical and common sense teachings on how to live a godly life.
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Ecclesiastes - NA
In a quest for happiness and the meaning of life, this writer, known as "the Teacher," asks many questions that are still raised in today's society.
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Song of Solomon - NA
This poem describes the joy and ecstasy of love. It has been understood both as a picture of God's love for Israel and of Christ's love for the Church.
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Isaiah - NA
The prophet Isaiah brought the message of God's judgment on the nations, pointed to a future king like David, and promised a time of comfort and peace.
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Jeremiah - NA
Before Babylon destroyed Judah, Jeremiah foretold God's judgment. While his message was largely of destruction, he also pointed toward a new covenant with God.
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