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Lamentations - NA
As Jeremiah had warned, Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. This book records five "laments" for the fallen city.
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Ezekiel - NA
Ezekiel's message was given to the Jews held captive in Babylon. He used stories and parables to speak about judgment, hope and restoration.
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Daniel - NA
Daniel remained faithful to God while facing many pressures as a captive in Babylon. This book includes Daniel's prophetic visions.
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Hosea - NA
Hosea used his commitment to his wife in the face of her unfaithfulness to illustrate the "adultery" Israel had committed against God, whose faithful love never ceased.
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Joel - NA
After a locust plague in Judah, Joel urged the people to repent.
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Amos - NA
During an era of prosperity, this Judean prophet preached judgment on the rich leaders of Israel. Amos urged them to consider the poor and oppressed rather than their own self satisfaction.
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Obadiah - NA
Obadiah prophesied judgment on Edom, a neighboring country.
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